Baños is one of the three main places that Josh and I were lucky enough to visit when we went to Ecuador last March.  The other two places were Shell and Quito, which I’ve written about in separate posts.  Baños was definitely the most scenic of the three.  Not only is Baños covered in green, it’s surrounded by mountains and it’s known as the ‘Gateway to the Amazon’.  It’s also an adventure town, so thrill seekers will find plenty to do here!

In Baños we got to experience multiple facets of it’s beauty….

We explored the city on foot….

We drove up to higher elevations to view the city from above…



We zip-lined from one mountain to another…

Our destination – via zipline


Comin’ in hot!

Okay, I have to pause here and talk about this little girl at the zip line place.  As soon as Josh landed she started bossing him around and trying to make him follow her to the area where you return your gear.  She was so adorable and it was so funny to watch this tiny little human was telling Josh what to do.  She’d obviously had some experience.  At the end of it all we gave her some coins and she couldn’t stop smiling at us. So adorable!

Our adventure in Baños continues…

We checked into a hotel for only 20.00 per night!


Went canyoning in the jungle…



Ate yummy food…


Visited the ‘Swing at the End of the World’…


And last, but definitely not least, we saw another incredible waterfall…


Baños was one for the books! We got to experience so many adventures and makes so many memories here! I hope we get to go back someday!


If you’ve been to Baños, I’d love to hear about what kind of adventures you had there! Comment below!